Steel canopies serve a variety of purposes, including advertising/signage, control-access, sheltering an entrance or loading area, support of lighting systems, and weather protection for people, equipment, or outdoor storage. While the most popular application is for convenience stores and petroleum-related uses, our product, the Tsui Canopy, is selected for use in a wide variety of commercial industries.

We work with petroleum contractors, large convenience store chains, and general contractors to supply the materials and installation necessary to satisfy the customer’s unique design goals. We do this while working with architects and other building trades.

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Canopy Advantages

Finest Materials Unmatched in Durability & Quality:

  • (0.038) 20 gauge decking – thicker than competition
  • G90 galvanizing on decking – 50% more than competition
  • Welded deck clips with high strength capacity and permanent connection
  • Higher-grade and capacity structural bolts than most
  • Stronger solid-gusset fascia framing in rigid cages with higher-strength capacity than loose angles
  • Backflashing included on many fascia styles to keep snow/ice/wind away from fascia, extends life of lit fascia systems and protects from blow-offs

Focused on the Future and Flexibility:

  • Experienced in building cool roofs for sites scored for LEED certification
  • Practiced in building for CNG and LNG dispensing locations
  • Custom roof-systems breathe life into your architect’s plans

Customer Service – When quoting, talk to an experienced designer directly

Conservative designs – More than bare-minimum designs allows your structure to adapt to future changes at a site and adds to structural integrity & ROI

Qualified Installation

  • Subcontract highly-respected, experienced, professional, and competent crews
  • Focused on safety

Made in USA

Uses for Steel Canopies

Over the decades, we’ve had various experience supplying canopies for

  • Retail petroleum
  • Fleet of work vehicles
    • Company-owned for refueling (semi freight, taxi, school bus, etc.)
    • Local government-owned for refueling (county or city department of public works DPW)
  • Protecting people at commercial businesses
    • Car rentals
    • Car washes (over vacuums or pay lanes)
    • School and city bus stations
    • Train stations
    • Apartment carports
    • Bank Drive-thru
    • Drive-in quick service restaurants
  • Entrances
    • Churches
    • Unique and aesthetic entrance for many commercial businesses
    • Above loading areas for shelter
    • Car dealerships
  • Control-access for military, toll-booth, power plants, and car manufacturers
  • Protecting Equipment or storage
    • Ethanol plants
    • Industrial