We engineer and manufacture canopies and other structures for retail petroleum, fleet, and a variety of commercial businesses. We also provide materials for repairs and maintenance for existing canopies, from changing fascia external drains to replacing sheet metal. In addition to making our own products, we have the manufacturing capabilities for fabrication using our metal work equipment and expertise. This includes shearing, forming, punching, welding, plasma cutting, welding, sandblasting, priming, and painting.
While the majority of our work is in the Midwest, every year we build canopies and deliver various fabricated steel parts for a variety of states stretching across the U.S., as well as in the Caribbean.
A table style canopy is a canopy that has two rows of columns along the width of the canopy. An inline style canopy is a canopy that has a single row of columns along the width of the canopy.
For most applications, the cost of structural steel is almost the same for each style. Less cubic yardage of concrete is needed for most table styles, but there are more footings to excavate. Many times the costs balance out. Structurally speaking, a table style is a stronger shape with more redundancy in having sister columns in both directions. It helps with making repairs in the future easier, keeping more options open should anything become damaged.

The only times that the structural steel begins to noticeably cost less for a table style is when there are large spans between the bays or for canopies in very high snow or wind loads. We have a slight preference for table styles, however all sites should be looked at individually.

We use durable 18 gauge G60 galvanized steel, which comes prefinished in a couple colors or can be painted at our facility in a custom color. Among other benefits, our fascia offers a more cost effective alternative to ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), and holds up better than thin-aluminum ACM and laminate fascia to weather elements such as hail. We also supply many branded types of fascia and ACM by request.
For decking, gutters, and column covers we have stock colors of black, white, and sometimes dark bronze. For our 18 gauge fascia, we have stock colors of white and pearl, with almost any custom-painted color available by request.
We can supply and factory-apply many decals to our 18 gauge fascia. Frequently, we apply customer-supplied vinyl graphics indoors at our facility. We recommend that full-cover decals and decals for ACM fascia (unless ACM can be ordered pre-decaled such as Shell and BP) be installed on-site after the fascia is up, as it is more cost-effective to install that way. However, installing decals on-site is weather dependent.
Yes, except for warranties relating to painted surfaces, a one-year warranty shall be provided for labor and material. Warranty includes workmanship relating to fabrication, installation, leaks, and material defects. A five (5) year warranty shall be provided to our factory-applied painted surfaces (of roof deck and fascia panels) and a twenty (20) year warranty shall be provided to surfaces painted outside of our facility (roof deck, gutters, and fascia panels) against peeling, checking, chipping, or cracking and all other finish-related defects. Components not manufactured by Tsui are warranted by the manufacturer and are separate from the Tsui warranty.
No. There is a lot of liability involved in this. While we understand the added cost and scope involved, it isn’t likely old footings can be reused. An owner would have to have very clear and descriptive drawings and calculations to show exactly the size, grade steel, anchor bolt pattern, etc. for us to even consider it for the liability it can place on us. Even if it could be proved that they are strong enough to support new loads under new code, it still is risky for the owner. Materials break down over time. Anchor bolts and their tightening nuts can get fatigued and brittle. Most are not galvanized, and have reached their life expectancy too. It’s best to plan on replacing them with the rest of the canopy.
We work with experienced and knowledgeable independent canopy installation and repair companies, as seen on our partners page. Regardless of the original canopy supplier, they can stop out to repair leaks, flush out clogged gutters, re-caulk gutter systems, inspect damage, survey overall condition, measure fascia for a future updated look, secure dangerously loose parts after a storm, install new materials, and much more. Work will be contracted directly with the installation and repair company. If they need materials from a manufacturer or need to check engineering for a structural issue, they would coordinate that with us.

Expect that there will be a fee for them to visit the site with all of their equipment, which varies based on if it is a dedicated trip or one that is worked into a more efficient route.

We do not recommend using an extendable ladder alone, because the fascia is quite tall to try to transition from the top of the ladder and then down onto the deck (a 20″ to 39″ drop from the top of ladder). Climbing assistance is ideal. We offer access stairway type ladders that can be added to most canopies. If an access stairway type ladder is installed, an extendable ladder can be secured to it and we recommend walk-thru ladder extensions to eliminate the need to shift weight around the ladder before taking the first step onto the canopy.

An extendable ladder is not our preferred method, and should always be done with two people. One person would go on the canopy and the other person would hold the ladder base steady and keep watch on traffic wearing high-visual gear. We recommend creating a work zone using your vehicle and high-visual delineators to block cars from hitting the ladder.

Our preferred method is to bring a scissors lift. This will work well paired with an access stairway type ladder for climbing assistance. If one is not installed, bring an adjustable, telescoping ladder for climbing assistance to get down the fascia wall. Scissors lifts plus telescoping ladders also work well to enter through a trap door access to an enclosed roof system canopy.

It is each company’s responsibility to provide fall protection training for their employees and be familiar with OSHA’s rules on working at these heights.

You can email us at info@tsuimanufacturingcompany.com or call 920-324-4424 (toll-free 866-324-4424) for a quote request. We are located at 1100 S Watertown St in Waupun, WI 53963 if you are in the area and wish to stop by for metal working or in-person quotes.